Saihate no Paladin

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  • Anime
    The Faraway Paladin
    最果てのパラディン (Saihate no Paladin)
    Airing date: October 9, 2021 – present
    Creator: Kanata Yanagino
    Director: Yuu Nobuta
    Writer: Tatsuya Takahashi
    Music: Ryūichi Takada, Keigo Hoashi
    Character designer: Koji Haneda
    Studio: Children's Playground Entertainment
    Licensed by: Crunchyroll, Medialink
    Category: Isekai/Tensei, Fantasy
    Episodes: 12 (?)
    Official Website (J):
    Official Website (E):

    The Faraway Paladin covers the second life of William, a reincarnator who finds himself experiencing a second life as a child being raised by three powerful intelligent undead in a long abandoned city surrounded by mist. In this strange and exotic place Will confronts the shadow of his past life and way of living as he grows into a young man under his strange adopted family's love and guidance and sets out into the world.
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