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   Wiki Help
      How to create a page

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  • A simple guide on how to use the wiki and make pages.

    To make it easier, I suggest you find the template you want to use below and 'copy' it before making the new page, this will save having to come back to this page later.

    Create A Page
    Click the the 'Create page' button on the sub-navigation menu at the top of the page. You will then be asked to provide the following information:

    Link URLThe part of the URL used for the page that comes after /wiki/ in the URL, be sure to remove any special characters like "/ : @ &" etc. eg: fate_stay_night or idolmaster
    TitleThe title of the page, special characters can be used here e.g: Fate/Stay Night or The Idolm@ster
    Parent nodeThe section this page belongs to, such as an Anime or Manga name or even directly Anime or Manga.
    Page typeHow you want to write the page, usually BBCode.

    For more detailed instructions see Creating a new page.

    Templates are used to make the layout easier and are used to make the info boxes often on the right of the pages.
    Just copy the BBcode (the upper box) for the template you want use and paste it at the top of your new page, filling out the details. Do not delete any items, just leave them blank if you don't need them. Write your normal text below it using BBcode or the editor formatting.

    Basic Info Box Templates
    These are simple templates used if you just need a single simple box for info.

    Anime Info Box (large)
    This creates a tall 2 column table on the right of the page, normal text flows down the left.

    Copy the following BBcode to use it.
    Note: Remove the period ( . ) from the word 'template' below.

    | titleE=
    | titleJ=
    | image=
    | airdate=
    | creator=
    | director=
    | writer=
    | music=
    | chardesign=
    | studio=
    | networkJ=
    | licensed=
    | category=
    | episodes=
    | websiteJ=
    | websiteE=

    Character Info Box (large)
    This creates a tall 2 column table on the right of the page, normal text flows down the left.

    Copy the following BBcode to use it.
    Note: Remove the period ( . ) from the word 'template' below.

    | name=
    | image=
    | debut=
    | voiceE=
    | voiceJ=
    | age=
    | bplace=
    | bdate=
    | blood=
    | height=
    | weight=
    | family=
    | type=
    | weapon=
    | style=

    Manga Info Box (large)

    Stackable Info Box Templates
    These use the same info as the basic info boxes, but they are stackable, allowing multiple info boxes to be used on top of each other, such as used on Wikipedia. These are most useful on a group or series type page where a single page will cover multiple animes or Anime and Manga etc. These work in the same way, but you must ensure you place the 'header' section at the top and the 'footer' at the botom of the stack of 'mid' templates. Example: [header][Manga-mid][Anime-mid][Anime-mid][footer]. Think of the 'mid' section as a row in a table, while the 'header' is the title and the 'footer' is the last row.

    Large Stackable Info Box - Header Section - Generic

    Large Stackable Info Box - Mid Section - Anime

    Large Stackable Info Box - Footer Section - Generic

    Making the page visible on the Wiki Index side bar
    When you have completed your new page, scroll down and look for the 'Index position' box, this is initially set to '0' which makes the page unlisted. Change this to 1 or higher to make it show on the navigation menu. The items are displayed in numerical order, thefore pages with '1' appear above those with '2'. Multiple pages with the same number will then be in alphabetical order.

    Creating a discussion thread
    After a page has been created, you can make the new forum thread by pressing the 'Discussion' button on the top right of the page. Anime pages should go into the 'Animes' section, Manga into 'Mangas'. If your new page does not fit into an available selection, please choose the closest area and ask a staff member to move it.
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