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I stop by every now and again with good memories of FTV and all who once graced it. I tip my hat to you for doing the best you could with trying to revive the place. As with all things in this grand world of ours, life goes on, folks grow up, interests take other paths. Best to go out with grace and style knowing you gave it your best. I thank you and wish you much success wherever life takes you next. ^^)
Ousama Ranking Everything one finds and deals with in real life ... love, betrayal, fear, hate, kindness, friendship, loyalty, weakness, ambition, courage, determination, strength, joy, wonder, adventure, death, life.

To say I haven't watched a series this good in a long time is an understatement.

This is one hell of a series so far for me.

Thanks for giving it mention here o ftv.
Glad you liked that show! Let's hope it gets even better!