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Japanese: さんかく窓の外側は夜
Airing date: 3/10/2021 (Sunday release)
Episodes: 12
Genres: Mystery, supernatural, boys love
Studio: Zero-G


Kosuke Mikado has the ability to see ghosts and other supernatural creatures but keeps his talents hidden as these supernatural forces scare the living daylights out of him! One fateful day Kousuke meets a talented exorcist named Rihito Hiyakawa who not only spots his hidden ability but also manages to share his senses (and soul) with Rihito as he touches him. Using Kosuke’s talents and Rihito exorcism abilities the pair work together to solve various supernatural cases in their area.



I went with into this series with a degree of trepidation considering what I saw in the trailer. On the one hand I did like the mystery and supernatural elements of this story but the trailer is not even subtle with its BL (boys love) undertones suggesting this will play a key feature in the anime. Now I would not drop a series purely based on its BL content but the genre does not interest me in the slightest so I hope the mystery and suspense is good enough for me to overlook that. I will say that the first episode does set the stall out both with its mystery and the BL which comes hot and heavy. What's more the relationship between Kousuke and Rihito is rather lopsided... It is like a bunny has stumbled onto a wild hungry tiger. Watch out bunny!

The more blatant raunchy BL stuff is toned down in the second episode as we are introduced to another person who can see spirits. Now this is a welcome development as we see this world is not just filled with spirits but also other supernatural users. The introduction of this figure also feed into the overall BL narrative as it is hinted that there could be a love triangle in the making or at the very least this guy could pose as a rival to main pairing (if you can call it that seeing as it is so lopsided). Anyone who is into yaoi is gonna love this but I think there could be enough in this one to engage people who are not into that scene. A tentative 6/10 from me after watching the first two episodes.
Episodes 3-4 thoughts:

There are two horror shows that are worthy of consideration and that is Mieruko-chan and Tricornered Window. In terms of mystery/horror I actually believe Tricornered Window edges it against Mieruko. Now before anyone murders me with that comment let me just say that murder and horror are not the sole deciding factor in picking either series.

The big difference that will largely determine which show you go for will be if you prefer your horror to contain a mix of comedy. If you like horror/comedies then it is Mieruko-chan all the way cause Tricornered Window is an anime that is played straight without laughs. However even if you are after something serious there is one potential snag in this anime that could put you off and that relates to the relationship of Rihito and Kousuke.

Now some people will run simply at the thought of yaoi action but even if you can tolerate that the biggest concern here is the relationship, at least until the fourth episode, it is largely an abusive one. I personally think it is here to stay so you need to make peace with it but if you do there is a good sense of mystery not just in the cases the guys investigate but also in the other supernatural users that we have met so far. Erika looks to be an especially interesting character so if you can get over your quibbles over the relationship there is enough here to keep folks interested. 7/10 it gets from me but will it tickle your whiskers?
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