Recommended: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya



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haruhi <3 <3 this series was a plesant suprise for me. I'm tracking this series like a hawk now a days, waiting for the next ep to come out. If youre like most of us, you'll watch the ending several times. oh yea and <3<3 haruhi <3<3. The End
QUOTE (Splitter @ Apr 19 2006, 10:42 PM) I've said this seven times already tonight, but if you aren't watching this, you fail at life.
Well said.
must download... confusing... hilarious... unique...
I guess I'll shut up now and "just download"... good stuff
When was the last time an anime got this popular within just 6 episodes????

I mean Fate/Stay had games and other backgrounds to it...

I believe this is strictly of the anime....I just think its really rare to see somthing take of the way it has
This show is awesome.

Oh! If you guys haven't read the novels the show's based off of, there's a fan-translation project in the works over here.
Yeah i thought Ouran High School Host Club is more popular too, but atleast it is a lot funnier, it isn't everyday that you find such a good anime
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