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Japanese: プラチナエンド
Airing date: 8/10/2021 ( Friday release)
Episodes: 24
Genres: Drama, supernatural
Studio: Signal.MD
monsta recommends for: Action and fans of death match series like Mirai Nikki

Synopsis: After the death of his parents and the abusive relationship he has suffered with his adopted relatives Mirai Kakehashi falls into a state of depression and later despair. On the day of his graduation Mirai gives up on life and attempts suicide but just as he is about to die he is saved by an angel who promises to give him happiness.

Obtaining new powers from the angel Mirai is given the chance to obtain happiness and become the new god of this world. In order to gain such a position however he must challenge the other 12 god candidates in what amounts to a deadly death match!


Thoughts: Heavy themes of depression and suicides are thrown at you from the get go so if those are topics you have difficulty dealing with you may want to turn your back on this. Saying that those are not the lingering themes of this anime as the ultimate focus is on delivering a bloody deathmatch where the 13 candidates of god duke it out to become the next god of the world.

Pretty high stakes as you can imagine and already after only two episodes the suspense is palatable as Platinum End has already dropped its first cliff-hanger. The two main characters are interesting enough as while Mirai was depressed and often shocked in the early parts of the opener he has taken a more grounded and philosophical stance towards life as things have gone on. His guardian angel on the other hand seems very devoted to delivering on her promise of giving him happiness and is not below stooping to questionable means in obtaining said happiness. I get the feeling we will get some epic scenes later on in the shows running so I will keep a close eye on how this series develops. Very entertained after the first two episodes so I rate this as a 7.5/10.
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