Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S & MiniDora (2021)

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon’Maid S & Minidragon, more maidragon antics this year

Obligatory Indeed, but that was to be expected xD Although now, I'm worried that this gets a 2nd season... But, the most part of myself still says NO
sorry but like its mandatory onsen special, S2 was a’must after the miniseries :p
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NO WAY!!!!! One of the best animes for me gets a second season?

Well, honestly, the continuation cannot live up to the first season even if it tried super dooper hard. IMHO what made the first season so interesting was to watch the demons set up in our world. I doubt they will continue down this road, so the second season will be about something else. If they pull it off well enough, it might still be good. When is it supposed to come out?
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