Attention Fansub TV Bloggers ! - LAST CHANCE !

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The service is looking rather dead, with only 2 blogs being updated in the past 7 years (!!) it is pretty obvious all of you have abandoned your blogs.
These abandoned blogs are just becoming a giant spam trap, today yet another blog got hit by the spammers, and we now have some 300,000+ comments to remove on that blog alone. This requires a massive amount of work to manually delete them, and it is not fair to put this work onto FTV staff.

Therefore, I believe it is time to shutdown the blog service. I don't like removing content from the internet, therefore:

I am giving all you blog owners one last chance to come forward!

The options are:
1). Keep your blog as is, BUT you must manage it and the comments. You don't have to make regular posts, just make one (so I know you updated it) and look after it.
2). We transfer your blog either to an individual wordpress one or into the main site under the editorial / frontpage (contact us on forum/irc/pm etc).
3). You transfer your blog to somewhere else (we can help).
4). We delete it.

You must take action to save your blog, if you want it. If you don't, it will be shutdown and be taken offline.

Deadline: 20th March 2022.

If you know of someone who has an FTV blog and may not have seen this message, please let them know.
I am sorry we have to do this, but the maintenance work is just too much for blogs that are not even ours.

Update: 27th March 2022
The blog service has now closed.
A redirect has been put in place to send blog visitors to this post.

The JZine Blog now redirects to the JZine articles, and 'Maiku Ando's Anime Blog' redirects to the MATV-Music category. Please note both of these are a work in progress and will improve later.

It is possible to import blog posts and comments, and I can offer a sub url of like I have done for JZine and my blog if anyone is interested in reviving their blogs as part of FTV. Make a reply below if that is you.

Update: 1st May 2022
If you would like one of the NEW Forum type blogs, request it below.
You must be a Sempai or above to qualify.

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