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I wanted to float this idea I had and maybe see if anyone wanted to offer any ideas to add to it.
This idea came about from another fan fiction idea I had called Guys Auf Panzer, I have not put a thread up about that yet but I might do if there is a need or any interest. The idea here is to take Maho Nishizumi from Girls Und Panzer, free her from the constraints of her strict Senshado responsibilities and have her in the role of a Systems Administrator in a company based on London England. Girls Und Panzer would exist within the universe in the same way it exists in real life, as in its an Anime/Manga/game etc and Maho in universe would be the 'model' of where the author of GuP got the character from. In other words, the in story Maho is the "real" person that the anime author based the character on, it is somewhat needless but the idea was to make the male lead a fan of her fictional character before he meets the real one, and thus its a comedic plot device. The story is general is meant to give a similar feel to The Register's BOFH (The Bastard Operator From Hell) or The IT Crowd. It might feature tech problems, and/or issues from the tech world (Brocade's hardware licensing) or the problems of Windows, Linux etc. There will also be a big look at very old tech from DEC and IBM, mainframes etc. Maho has a little secret in her cellar/basement/room I have yet to plan.

All Opinions Wanted
First off let me say I welcome and appreciate all opinions and ideas, weather they agree or not with me or the story, they all help. I do reserve the right to use or not use anything, as I am the author of this idea. That is not to say there can't be a contrib section or something or even spin-offs from my story, I'd even be happy to host those along side my own if so desired.

Immediate Problems
And thus the reason why this gets a thread before Guys Auf Panzer.
I have some ideas which conflict so heavily, I wanted some opinions or even just discussion on these issues to help me out.
Note that my vagueness here is because I'm trying to avoid spoilers if possible.
I might add more items to this list as we go on, so please if you comment on them put a "re point 1" or similar so you don't need to quote a wall of my text.

1. Time period.
Part of me wants to set this story back in the 90's due to the era of technology, I love old tech and I think it is far more interesting than the modern tech which is mostly badly produced disposable rubbish. This obviously causes some issues, namely the existence of Girls Und Panzer, or rather the lack of it, the problem of it not being written yet and thus preventing the male lead from being a fan in advance of meeting Maho. I could of course move the creation of GuP to the 90's, it is fiction after all. The other problem is there is a joke where someone sends a video file by email and breaks the mail server, certainly valid in the 90's in principle but the video would be so small it would break the point of it.

2. The male lead character.
The main point is to make him a generic male to play the fantasy, if you know the [email protected] series of games "producer" is basically the player of the game, so here this character should be someone all Maho fans can relate to and feel he represents them, so when he is doing something or achieves something with Maho, the reader can enjoy it as if it were them in his place, living their fantasy. The other side to this is I was thinking of naming him Ando after me, he would not be me per say, but he would take some exaggerated ideas from me and my own life, I am tech in real life and a Maho fan, and this story is somewhat my fantasy or is born out of ideas from such. Further more I had one idea to link this into the Ando Meido Tai, which for those who do not know is a sort of in-joke here on FTV (before I was admin) about me having all the maids, I kinda ran with it and very roughly took the idea from a mixture of Hanaukyo Meido Tai and Moekan The Animation. (A little extra note, Mariel from HMT is the same VA as Maho, Rie Tanaka). There is two big issues there, the first is that Ando of the AMT would likely overshadow Maho, and I don't want that. The second is using a name associated with me and even putting me into the story is so incredibility arrogant it literally pains me, to give you an idea even naming MATV after me is actually a regret I still hold today, some 14 years after I opened the site, I am just not the kind of person who likes putting their name everywhere, and I do admit I have plenty of character flaws.

Therefore, please give any comments or suggestions below. (The first reply I reserved in case I need to split the thread later).
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