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  1. monsta666

    Review 2021 Autumn Season Anime review

    The Autumn season was on the whole stronger than summer as while not many shows were truly outstanding many were very enjoyable especially if it is a genre you dig into. This season was especially good in the horror department as we got two good ones with Mieruko-chan and Tricornered Window...
  2. monsta666

    Review Mieruko-chan

    Episodes: 12 Original airing dates: 3rd October 2021 – 19th December 2021 Studio: Passione Genre: Horror/comedy Recommended audience: People who like light hearted horror shows with a pinch of character drama Trailer: Background/synopsis: Mieruko-chan is a horror/comedy series that came out...
  3. monsta666

    Episode Summary Mieruko-chan Episodes 12 SEASON FINALE!!!

    Episode 12 We join Miko as the terrible fiend charges at her after discovering she can see it! Just as it looks like Miko will be torn limb from limb the shrine ghosts save her for the third and final time! What will happen now? Who knows but despite the vicious attack, Zen’s mothers spirit...
  4. monsta666

    Episode Summary Mieruko-chan Episodes 11

    Episode 11 Things kick off with a flashback from a young Zen who is scolded for not getting a perfect score on the test. When a classmate calls for Zen, this only angers his mother further for she feels betrayed that he would hide such details. Although she allows him to attend, in act of...
  5. monsta666

    Episode Summary Mieruko-chan Episodes 9-10

    Episode 09 With the teacher off on maternity leave the replacement is the man Miko met in the park! He introduces himself as Zen Toono. Miko is immediately frightened and can see many evil spirits emanating from the man and even has difficulty looking at the bloke. No such problems for all the...
  6. monsta666

    Episode Summary Mieruko-chan Episodes 7-8

    Episode 07 Yulia is taking a shower and when she peers over to the hole can see another little critter staring right back at her. Taking this perv in her stride she casually dries her hair but then clearly remembers the time when Miko grabbing her in a chokehold. Vowing never to be humiliated...
  7. monsta666

    Episode Summary Mieruko-chan Episodes 5-6

    Episode 05 We return to the Fortune and Exorcism store and it would seem that our girl of mystery is badgering the old lady to make her apprentice. Despite the girls desperate pleas her wishes are not granted as the old hag refuses to deal with young kids seeing as they have no money. Pitying...
  8. monsta666

    Review 2021 Autumn preliminary reviews: Yuuki Yuuna, 86 and Mieruko-chan!

    Strong showings in this lot but the one that edges it for me is Mieruko-chan! This series is becoming one of the hotter shows of the autumn season and I am not saying this because of the fanservice! XD I am generally leery of horror/comedy but this one manages to nail the balance quite...
  9. monsta666

    Review 2021 Autumn preliminary reviews: Yuuki Yuuna, 86 and Mieruko-chan!

    In this first part of the autumn early review series I will be looking at the highly anticipated 86 as well as the comedy/horror that is Mierko-chan. We will then tee off with the latest season of Yuuki Yuuna which will be for those who like their magical girls to have a tinge of darkness. Check...
  10. monsta666


    Japanese: 見える子ちゃん Airing date: 3/10/2021 (Sunday release) Episodes: 12 Genres: Horror, comedy Studio: Passione Synopsis: The story centres on Miko who is a typical high school student whose life turns upside down when she suddenly starts seeing monsters. Instead of showing her fright she...