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    I have finally came back...too much crap going through while I was away...I got a new job, hurricane Katraina came in and cause some damage, my old 64 MB RAM computer died on me, I got a new 256 MB RAM computer with a DVD-ROM and 60 GB total, and next week i will be on my high speed internet...
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    Question about donating?

    Do you guys accept money from Western Union money transfer or Money Gram? It sucks that I don't have paypal and a checking account yet...but still, I want to donate to keep Fansub TV alive and running.
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    Back for the first time

    Well, I was busy by catching up on History, algebra, and drawing I so now I'm taking a break from all of this before the next upcoming test about to brew in. Still I need to catch up on My HiME episode 22-26.
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    I can't get on the server to is messed up or I'm banned? If I'm banned from the server then I want to say that I have use only one connection. That's all.
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    Yay! I got a job!

    Well the good news that I got a job! I will be working from 7:30 through 10:30 am before I get to class at college. The bad news is that I need a car so getting a few external hard drives will be very long. I dunno about getting cable modem. I'm thinking of getting $19.99 a months worth of...
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    A new anime fan!

    Hi! My name is Dante Neko. I'm a student in Jr. College. I love anime since 2000. I have found out about fansubs this year after I have my brand new 56k phoneline. I know that 56k sucks and all, but that's all I have. I download anime like 2 times a week. I'm into video games and music...