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    Recently i stumble upon this game for Android / Ios called Hellfire. All info can be found here: Click Here! (Too lazy to copy paste the entire info XD ) Its pretty fun to do while being bored or during break time. And i was wondering if anybody else is playing this aswell here on FTV? If so...
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    Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season & Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

    To be honest. This is the first anime ever that i am accually smaking myself for in the head for following it weakly. Not because it is bad or anything like that. But because the ending of each episode leaves me with a after taste that i cant wait for another weak to see more. This anime keeps...
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    Fansub TV Awards #5

    Hello fellow members of FTV, its that time of the year again. Time for the Fansub.TV Awards. This will be our fifth edition so there has been a few changes. And i will try to keep all of this as simple as possible for you all. So here we begin with stage 1, the selecting of the awards. There...
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    This is a warning to all users while using/viewing imagevenue. For those of you who let pop-ups get threw from imagevenue be carefull. Some pop-ups contain "Trojan Virus" and "Spy/Mal-Ware". Some are also in some of the ads. Trojans found so far: - Troj/Gida-A Spy/Mal-ware found so far: -...
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    Posting Thumbnails

    Seems like not everybody knows how to post tumbnails, so here is a little tutorial for people using Photobucket. Step 1: Go to Step 2: Login (or create a account and then login). Step 3: Upload your image. Step 4: Find your image and click on the small square under...
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    Dressing style.

    I think the poll questions is pretty simply to understand. Post from the other thread with the incorrect poll and topic title: QUOTE (ookamioni)Just wondering what girls like most... lol. I dress rockstarish/all black. it somewhat appalls me that girls can like the jerks who dress like they...
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    General Drama Discussion

    Talk about drama's in general. Discuss your favorite actors or any other elements that doesn't belong somewhere else. Same rules apply here as we have on the rest of the drama section.
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    Drama or Live Action Recommendation

    I think the topic title speaks for itself. Let us know what is good to watch. You can also ask what is good to watch. Example 1: You should watch: Series: (name here) Reason: (reason why here) Example 2: Do any of you know what is good to watch, i really enjoy korean drama's. I only know a...
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    Drama Request Thread.

    Post your requests here! **NO Licenced stuff** Site's you can use to upload the file's are. Yousendit MegaUpload Rapidshare (manga only) Example: Series: (name here) Episode: (episode number here) Subs: (fill in yes or no, if the episode is only in raw format)
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    Drama Rules.

    .:Drama Section Rules:. * Asian drama's only This section is for asian drama's only. So that means no discussions about "The bold and the beautifull" or any other drama's outside of Asia. * Licensed series If a series is licensed, do not ask where to download it or tell people where to get...
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    Your own funny animal art.

    Ok lately there are more and more funny photo's with animals in them. They have used owls, cats etc... Time to make our own funny animal art with photos you found around the web. I will kick off with this cat: Only post your own created funny pic and not something you found on the web.
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    Fansub TV Awards #4

    With much delay for all kinds of reasons it's finally here the FTV Awards. Most people already know this some don't. So for the people who don't know this here are the rules for voting. Rules: - You must cast your vote before sep 30th 00.00 GMT+1. - You can edit your vote's as much as you want...
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    General Wallpaper Request thread.

    If you are bored with your current wallpaper and don't want a pre-made one then, this is where you can request custom made wallpapers made by fellow FTV Members. Here is a example how to post a request: Size: 1280 by 1024 (size of your screen resolution Font: Callygraph (pretty simple) Font...
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    FTV Awards Userbar Creation Thread

    After a long time with some ups and downs, mostly because of lag of time it's finally here. The userbar creation thread. I think it's easy to understand what will happen in this thread. We will create and select the userbars we are gona use for the FTV Awards #4. Only the following members are...
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    Fansub TV Awards #4 Poll 2

    Ok people as a result from poll 1 you now have to select 17 awards that you want in the FTVA#4. I think it's pretty simple. You can think of them yourself, if you have a hard time thinking of some i also have a list with previous awards we had posted here. I haven't edited the list yet. But make...