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    I've noticed the forums have done really well in my absence? I'm not sure where to post this since I can't think of a better spot. Who's still around? Sasha? Ben-sama? Exile? I see MKK is still here .
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    So it's been a very long time . Does anyone remember me?
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    In Virginia

    Hey all, I'm in VA at my dad's right now for a month, and as such I won't be able to get on very often... but I'll sure as hell try... now I just have to convice my dad to let me watch anime on his computer
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    A Moral Question?

    Heads up, this is loooong... teenage problems I guess? haha I doubt anyone to read it, just needed to babbel a bit Ok, so this is a predicament I was in with myself saturday through sunday afternoon: I was staying at my friend's (John) because he wanted me to go to a company picnic with...
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    Happy B-day

    Woooo! Bother Terashi and DarkDog, what are the odds there?
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    Erementar Gerad 6

    So what'd yall think about it? The part taht really sticks out in my mind is when she was in the towel... so kawaii (sp?) Anyways That grave, was it Kuea's orginial Preja?
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    After a successful start in Desktop I want to know who plays StarCraft: broodwar?? Im hardcore Lost Temple